Inner circle- The best dating app?

Looking for a dating app but tired of using the same old apps? Inner circle is a relationship app that has been changing and catching the attention of many people.

By the way, the app was made for people who are looking for romance or even a new love. You’ll have possibilities to chat with people nearby, and don’t worry because the app is completely free and secure.

Therefore, this app is an excellent alternative for shy people who are looking for romance or adventure. Therefore, we made this article to help you understand how it works, what it is and even how to register. Check it out below!

Canva, 2022

What is the Inner Circle?

Inner circle is a global dating app that recently arrived in Brazil, which aims to bring together singles with similar personalities and ideas. Accessible for Android and Iphone iOS.

The app was created in New Zealand by a Dutchman named David Vermeulrn who in his youth went through several situations of fake profiles on other dating apps.

So, in 2012 David Vermeulrn decided to create his own dating app “The Inner Circle” focusing not only on quantity but on quality.

Getting more than 2 million users on its platform today.

How does Inner Circle work?

Unlike other dating apps that only focus on people who are closest to you, Inner circle also focuses on interests. So, when you “match” someone the interests will be similar and even the same.

The platform focuses on this ease of navigation, where you don’t have to talk to several people until you find someone who really has the same characteristics as you.

In the catalog part, Inner circle is very similar to other dating apps. Where the other person’s photo appears on your device and you have the option of pressing the “X” where you will refuse or the “Heart” if you liked the person, remembering that the “match” only happens when both people press the heart.

Is the inner circle safe?

When it comes to security, the platform takes it very seriously. In addition to being restricted, it is different from other dating apps because it is not possible to create a fake account.

Inner Circle has a profile analysis tool, where all profiles are evaluated before being approved.

This way, the app is sure that people are entering true data and that their intentions are the best for the platform to work.

In addition, the platform has a great score on websites where users can rate the app.

How to create an account?

To create an account on Inner circle is very simple, first you will have options to connect to your Facebook or if you want you can use your email.

Soon after, you need to fill in a lot of personal information where the platform will analyze to see if your profile is true and what your intentions are in the application.

After being approved by the platform, it is very important to put your interests and ideas, so when you look for new people, the “matches” will be much better, and you will have a better experience and possibly find your perfect match.

Is the inner circle paid?

The application is free and all these functions mentioned above are part of the free plan.

But like all other dating apps, Inner circle also has a paid version that gives you more options, functions and some advantages.

If you are interested in buying Inner circle premium, in the application they give you a list of advantages and extra functions.

Dating app

These days, you can count on technology to your advantage through dating apps, and it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a no-obligation date, dating or just the opportunity to meet new people, all of this is possible.

But, as with all dating apps, it’s very important to be careful with who you’re talking to, and if you’re going to make an appointment to see each other in person, choose public and safe places.

So that’s it if you liked the Inner circle app just download it and start the adventure. Good luck!

Remembering that the app is available for both iOS and Android.