About me

Hello, how are you? My name is Guilherme Polzin, I’m from Brazil but I live in United States and I am the founder of this Website.

If you are curious to know:

  • “What is this Website about?”
  • “Why is this Website different from others?”
  • “Where did the idea of creating this website come from?”
  • “What to expect from this Website?”

You’re in the right place. So let me tell you a little more about this Website and my life .

Where did the idea of creating the GP come from?

The idea of creating this Website came from a very unusual story. It all started when I had an accident at work, and in that accident I ended up breaking my hand and had to have surgery.

With this process of having to stay at  home without being able to work, I came up with the idea of creating the Guipolzin, where I could communicate with people, bringing them various interesting products, subjects with different and up-to-date content, and with that being able to create a connection with the audience.

Who is Blog do GP?

Blog do GP, is me, Guilherme Polzin creator of this site.

I currently live in the United States, but I was born in Brazil where I spent most of my life.

I’m a person who loves everything about sports, I played soccer in Brazil and here in the United States.

One of my biggest passions are cars, so much so that my first achievement was the car of my dreams, a Corvette. 

I like new challenges, always learning new things, talking about different subjects and meeting new people from different places with different stories. If you want to know more about me, and about my life, follow me on Instagram (on the icon below), and send me a message saying you came from this Website.

What is the purpose of this Website?

The purpose of this site is to bring a lot of content daily, with many articles from different categories for you users who have doubts or would like to learn new things.

Create an affinity with users to not only be a news and entertainment portal, but also a site where you can be part of (leaving questions and tips about what you would like to see in the future), literally being part of the GP “family”.

One of the main objectives of Blog do GP is to be a network where, in addition to finding what you are looking for, you will also find interesting and current news on various other subjects.

Why is this site different from others?

The GP’s Blog stands out in terms of bringing articles that not only inform, but also help and inspire people in their daily lives.

Another difference is that the GP Blog seeks to be humanized, generating connection and interaction with readers, thus creating a wonderful experience.

What to expect from the GP Blog?

You can expect one of the best Entertainment, Curiosities and News Portals in the world, with a lot of current and daily content from different categories and always continuing this connection with my audience of bringing everyone into the GP “family”.