Best sports movies- That will blow your mind

When we talk about sports movies, works involving football soon come to mind in most people, right? However, there are many other possibilities!

Therefore, today we decided to step out of the comfort zone, bringing an incredible list of cinematographic works that portray the most diverse sports, with real and overcoming stories.

Therefore, if you enjoy this genre, prepare your popcorn to choose which of the sports movies you are going to watch in the comfort of your home.

Canvas, 2022

Golden girl

The film Golden Girl is an award-winning work that won 7 Oscar statuettes, having also taken two Golden Globes. Soon, it becomes clear that it is one of the films worth watching.

So, in the plot you are introduced to a boxing coach who is dissatisfied and disillusioned with his professional life and a waitress who dreams of becoming a successful fighter.

Thus, the result of their union is a very exciting story, with a lot of combat and a surprising ending.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

The blind side

The blind side is one of the sports movies based on a true story and talks about a poor black youth. With nowhere to live, he is welcomed by a family of millionaires.

Gradually he is welcomed by the family who believe in his potential as a football player. Gradually, he shows that he was really born to be an athlete.

Therefore, it is a motivational and realistic story that shows how opportunities can change people’s lives. It is certainly a work to watch and cry with emotion.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Aldo – Stronger than the world

In our list of sports films, of course, we could not fail to mention a international (Brazil) work as well.

So, Aldo – stronger than the world portrays the true story of MMA fighter José Aldo. In it, you are taken into the athlete’s life, following his entire journey from the beginning when he decided to move from Manaus to Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

Therefore, the plot makes a point of showing some of the athlete’s personal issues, with fight scenes and a lot of emotion until he wins the UFC world title.

Where to watch: Netflix

Coach Carter

Coach Carter – Training for Life is also a work that portrays a true story. In the film, you meet the owner of a sporting goods store who is invited to coach the basketball team at the school he studied during his childhood.

So he accepts the mission and sets some rules for the athletes: they need to behave respectfully, dress appropriately and have good grades.

Soon, with a lot of dedication, the coach teaches the team to behave and gain prestige, making them become unbeatable on the field.

Where to watch: Netflix

King Richard

King Richard: Raising Champions is without a doubt one of the best sports movies today and it was released in 2021.

In short, the work portrays the story of Richard Williams who had no experience with tennis, but who trains his daughters daily so that they become champions in this sport.

The story is based on reality, as Richard Williams was responsible for motivating his daughters, who are now known in the world of tennis: Venus and Serena Williams.

Therefore, in the work you can see the challenges that the father went through for his daughters to become champions, from humiliation when trying to find a coach for them to the challenges in training the girls.

Where to watch: HBO Max.

The athlete

To finish our list of sports movies, it is also worth mentioning The Athlete, which is undoubtedly one of the best sports movies.

The Athlete is based on the story of Abebe Bikila, who was the first black athlete from Africa to win first place at the Olympic Games.

Thus, the plot tells the story of this determined runner, showing all the painful reality of the athlete, who won the gold medal running barefoot in Rome.

Furthermore, four years after his victory, he returns to the games, this time in Tokyo, where he is once again the great winner of the Olympic marathon.


These are just some of the sports movies that are definitely worth watching. These are works that portray the life of athletes and coaches.

Always showing how difficult it is to win in this business, but it is totally possible if you have a lot of dedication and effort.