The Largest Sporting Events in the World

The biggest sporting events in the world always generate fascination among people, as they involve a large volume of sponsorship and publicity, in addition to moving the economy and making sports fans unite and vibrate a lot.

Several sectors even benefit from sports events, which is why they are so important, such as hotel chains, tourism, marketing agencies, the media and many others.

Therefore, knowing this and understanding the curiosity that people have about this universe, today we separate here the biggest sporting events in the world.

Largest Sporting Events in the World

Olympic Games

The Olympic Games have been around for a long time, having been created by the Greeks in 776 BC as a way to honor the gods.

Therefore, today the Olympic Games is the biggest sporting event in the world, far superior to the World Cup, for example. The event also takes place every 4 years and attracts people from all over the world.

Then, the last Olympics took place in Tokyo, with more than 30 sports and about 11 thousand athletes participating in the disputes. In addition, the Olympics was followed by more than 4.7 billion people.

World Cup

The World Cup is also one of the biggest sporting events in the world and is related to the sport most loved by Brazilians: soccer! Like the Olympic Games, the World Cup also takes place every 4 years.

The event was created in 1930 by FIFA (Federation International de Football Association) which is responsible for organizing it. The investors that are part of this event are impressive.

Just to give you an idea, when the World Cup took place in Brazil, Fifa invested around 1.3 billion dollars, not including investments by private companies and the public sector.

It is even worth mentioning that Brazil is the country with the most titles in the World Cup, being 5 times champion.

Super Bowl

Even though most Brazilians don’t care so much about US culture, it’s impossible to talk about the biggest sporting events in the world without mentioning the Super Bowl.

In short, it is the final game of the NFL season, where the champion is defined. The Super Bowl is considered the 2nd most watched event in the sport, second only to the UEFA Champions League final.

Like most of the events mentioned above, the investment for the Super Bowl to take place is quite expressive. Just to display the brand for 30 seconds during the match, the company must pay more than US$ 4 million. So it’s really not for everyone!

Formula 1

The Formula 1 World Championship is also one of the biggest sporting events in the world. As it is now the main motorsport tournament. In 2019, for example, the event had an audience of over 1.8 billion people.

The tournament is organized by the FIA (International Automobile Federation) and each race is called a Grand Prix, which has around 20 races on circuits every year.

Tour de France

We could not fail to mention the Tour de France. An event aimed at cyclists on duty and which attracts thousands of competitors from all over the world. The event was born in 1903 and since its inception it has been held annually.

The route is 3,000 kilometers long and involves mountains and roads, which cyclists need to cross, really like a “tour of France”. It is obvious that athletes have full medical support.

The Tour de France audience is 3.5 billion people, being broadcast in over 180 countries. In addition, more than 9 million people watch the event around the track.

Volvo Ocean Race

The Volvo Ocean Race is also one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Involves crossing the ocean and the continent in boats.

However, the great differential of this one is that the route undergoes changes every year. Competitors normally pass through four oceans and spend up to nine months on the high seas.

Therefore, so much adrenaline and challenge makes billions of people follow the race. The boats are very expensive, many costing over $19 million.


Did you like to know the biggest sporting events in the world? The universe of sport really is full of challenges and beauties, it’s no wonder that there are athletes who dedicate their lives to them.