How to choose the best gym shoes?

Do you know what to consider when choosing gym shoes? The practice of physical activities requires the use of appropriate footwear and clothing.

After all, it is necessary to be comfortable when performing the movements. However, there are many options and models available in the market.

Therefore, it is natural to have doubts about which one to choose. So, there are some characteristics that should be analyzed so that the choice is as assertive as possible.

gym shoes

How to choose the best gym shoes?

Therefore, as we mentioned earlier, there are several factors that you need to analyze in order to choose the appropriate model for your practice of physical activities at the gym.

So, to help, we’ve separated some tips you should consider. Follow below!

Consider the type of exercise

To begin with, you need to know what type of exercise you are going to perform in order to choose the best gym shoes, as the best shoes are those that help you perform while providing comfort.


For bodybuilding, the point is that tennis has good stability, so you can stand firm during training and perform better.

In this way, shoes that have a more rigid cushioning and that have a small difference between the sole of the foot and the heel are excellent.


Aerobic activities involve a greater impact. Therefore, the shoe must have excellent cushioning, flexibility and traction.

Therefore, your choice should be for shoes made of material capable of absorbing impacts well, while returning energy.

Also, look for a shoe with a flexible sole and adequate grip.


Workout workouts are also high impact, but tend to be more dynamic than aerobic workouts. For this reason, the shoe must also have good cushioning.

In addition, the sole must be firm and uniform, thus ensuring adequate comfort so that the performance of physical activity is excellent.

Foot shape and footprint

In addition to considering the type of training, to choose gym shoes it is also important to know the shape of your foot and there is a classification for this.

According to the Brazilian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology, the feet are classified as:

  • Normal foot – the most common, is the one in which the weight of the whole body is distributed equally at the moment of stepping;
  • Flat – is characterized by touching the ground almost entirely, so it tends to have a straighter shape;
  • Cavo – features a more accentuated curvature, in which the bottom of the foot almost does not touch the ground.

In addition to the format, one should also consider the footprint of the foot when choosing sneakers for the gym. So, they are:

  • Neutral – the joints receive the same force at the time of physical activity, as the body weight is distributed equally. It is common in which you have the foot of the normal type;
  • Proportional – happens when the left side of the heel touches the ground first and the ankle is inward. Common in those with flat feet;
  • Supinated – the force of the step is directed to the outer sides of the foot, demanding a greater effort from the heels. Common in those with cavus foot.

So, these are factors that you should consider when choosing sneakers, as the models provide guidance on each of the steps and types of feet so that the choice can be made more assertively.

Tennis components

Finally, when choosing the best gym shoes, also consider the components of the shoe, which are:

  • Upper – the outer part of the shoe, formed by the tongue and the body of the shoe. Its purpose is to protect the feet;
  • Insole – ensures that the feet are in the correct position. There are models where the worksheet can be removed and other orthopedics;
  • Midsole – sits between the upper and the outsole, this is where the shock absorbers are. With this, it guarantees better control of the step, minimizing the impacts of training;
  • Sole – is the part of the shoe that ensures stability and grip.

Therefore, it is essential that you analyze the components of tennis, considering the type of physical activity that you will perform in the gym.

That way, it will become much easier to find the right and ideal model for your foot.


Choosing gym shoes is a serious matter, as it is important that these shoes cushion impacts and ensure comfort so you don’t get hurt. So, consider all the tips you’ve seen above to make the right choice.