The World’s Top Rated Restaurants

The World’s Top Rated Restaurants take gastronomy seriously, offering diners the very best in food preparation.

That’s because the chefs responsible for these restaurants do continuous and hard work in cooking, always seeking to offer innovations so that they are well accepted by customers and critics.

Obviously, the consumer is the one who benefits from this, who can increasingly appreciate a well-prepared dish.

So, if you’re curious about the best rated restaurants in the world, here’s a selection of the top 5. Check it out!

World's Top Rated Restaurants

1 – Mirazur

Mirazur is a French restaurant that has 3 Michelin stars, a guide that evaluates restaurants around the world. The reason it is so highly rated is the incredible menu, with options to please even the most discerning palates.

The chef who guides the restaurant is Mauro Colagreco and in the preparation of his dishes he looks for rare and exclusive ingredients. Inspiration is Mediterranean food.

In addition, the restaurant bets on the whole experience to have these excellent reviews. Starting with its location: on top of a mountain and with a beautiful view of the sea.

In the place you will also find a beautiful garden, full of citrus fruits and where aromatic herbs grow, which give an exclusive air and smell to the restaurant. As if all that wasn’t enough, Mirazur is housed in a building from the 1930s.

Therefore, if you intend to visit Mirazur in France, our tip is to book as soon as possible, as there is a long queue for reservations.

2 – Noma

Occupying the 2nd place among the best rated restaurants in the world is Noma, located in Denmark.

The restaurant is led by chef René Redzepi and opened its doors in 2003. The house’s idea from the beginning, and which remains until today, is to offer creative cuisine.

Therefore, expect personality in the dishes and a lot of flavor, made with fresh and seasonal products. In fact, this is one of Noma’s trademarks: gastronomy marked by the seasons.

However, there are those ingredients that are central to Noma’s menu, they are:

  • Seafood;
  • Meat;
  • Vegetables.

In addition, the restaurant has a unique and very minimalist space, with a touch of comfort and modernity, while being rustic. All to ensure the best for customers.

Attention to detail is the hallmark of Noma, which has exclusive, hand-enameled crockery placed under the tables, where customers stay to try the menu.

According to the Michelin Guide, the restaurant is classified as 2 stars. So, it is worth getting to know it and including it in your travel itinerary, if you are going to Denmark.

3 – Etxebarri

Etxebarri is also one of the best rated restaurants in the world and is located in Spain. Chef Victor Arguinzoniz is in charge of the kitchen.

In the restaurant you will find the a la carte menu and the tasting menu. Just choose which best suits your pocket and your taste.

However, what stands out at Etxebarri is that the chef uses fire, charcoal and smoke in the preparation of dishes, as he previously worked with wood.

The menu has octopus, fish, shrimp and meat. Victor Arguinzoniz’s idea for preparing his dishes is to handle the ingredients as little as possible, precisely so that they retain their original flavor.

In addition, to be considered one of the best rated restaurants in the world, Etxebarri also bets on a refined environment.

4 – Geranium

Once again Denmark is on the list of the best rated restaurants in the world and this time we are going to talk about Geranium. In the Michelin Guide, it is rated 3 stars.

The idea of the restaurant is to bet on a menu according to seasonal ingredients. Some of the Geranium dishes are decorated with flowers. Including, the name of the restaurant itself is from a genus of plants.

In addition to delicious dishes, the restaurant is located on the 8th floor of Parken Stadium. So you have an amazing view of the lawn.

Finally, the furniture and the atmosphere of the place do not leave anything to be desired, in pastel tones, the sophisticated simplicity of Geranium makes all the difference.

5 – Central

Central is a restaurant located in Peru, in the capital Lima, which is also considered one of the best rated restaurants in the world.

Therefore, we can say that it is the best restaurant in Latin America and the kitchen is run by the couple Martínez and Pía León.

The house menu uses ingredients from Peru. However, the couple is always traveling and uses other, more exotic ingredients in the preparation of their dishes.

On the menu you will find four menu options, all of them through tasting. The most requested is the so-called Mundo Mater, which includes wine, cocktails or soft drinks.

Despite being a high-level gastronomy restaurant, Central has a very relaxed atmosphere.


Did you like to know the best rated restaurants in the world? Surely the experience in one of them is incredible and worth visiting.