How to Find out Wi-Fi Password – The Best Apps

No one deserves to be without internet, right? That’s why apps on how to find out Wi-fi password came up that make you stay connected wherever you are.

With free use, they provide you with the password of several networks, most of them public, such as squares, as well as coffee shops, malls and other places.

So you can connect and even save your mobile data. That said, check out our list of the best Wi-Fi password hack apps. All links will be available at the bottom of the page.



Another free Wi-Fi password app option is Instabridge. It will save you the hassle of having to ask a third party for the password of a nearby internet network.

Like Osmino, Instabridge is a community where people share passwords and today it has over 20 million access points.

The connection happens automatically on that network where Instabridge already knows the password. However, it shows the safest connections in green for you to connect.

In turn, Wi-Fi networks in red are more unstable and are not recommended.

If you want, you can contribute to Instabridge too, registering the passwords of places you know and thus helping other users in the future.

Osmino WiFi

Osmino WiFi is one of the best apps to how to find out Wi-fi password. Use and discover the password of that network that is close to you. That’s because it uses your location to find out which Wi-Fi is the closest and safest and then it makes the automatic connection.

This is possible because Osmino WiFi is a large network of users who share passwords with the aim of helping other users.

Therefore, you can share the password of any WiFi that you know to contribute to this great community.

In addition, it has an amazing feature that allows you to share your connection with someone else, that is, you can route the Wi-Fi network.

With its ease of use and a very simple interface, Osmino WiFi stands out among apps to find WiFi and is one of those must-have apps to have on your smartphone.

Wi-Fi Map

Wi-Fi Map is also one of the best Wi-Fi password finder apps and works similarly to those already mentioned here. However, it stands out for having more than 100 million access points available worldwide.

When you open the app, it shows you the networks closest to you, based on your location, of course!

In addition, the Wi-Fi Map indicates which is the most recommended Wi-Fi for you to connect at that exact moment.

However, if you don’t find a nearby connection, the app displays a map pointing to the nearest Wi-Fi. In this way, you can move to the place to have the desired internet connection.

Finally, Wi-Fi Map has a very easy-to-use interface and is completely free, not requiring any kind of monthly fee or payment fee. It’s worth downloading!

Wifi Magic

Wifi Magic focuses on public network passwords and has a good database. So, you will definitely be able to connect to any public Wi-Fi in the city.

The application works like a social network, since users themselves register passwords and can point out whether that connection is good or not.

However, to use Wifi Magic you need to create a login and password. To make it easier, register with your Facebook.

When you find the Wi-fi registered in the system, the application automatically connects your device to it so you can start browsing the internet.

WiFi Finder

Practical and easy to use, WiFi Finder is one of the best apps on how to find out your WiFi password, as it automatically connects to networks that are available and close to you.

To do so, it makes use of your location and indicates which networks have good connections and which ones are bad.

Furthermore, WiFi Finder is capable of checking the WiFi speed and whether there are any security gaps. If so, the app tells you not to access bank apps, for example.

Download the best Wi-Fi password hack app

With these apps on how to find out your Wi-Fi password you will never be without a connection again. Just have any of them on your device to browse the internet from anywhere.

Here are the app links, enjoy!

Instabridge: Download: Android e iOS

Osmino WiFi: Download: Android e iOS

Wi-Fi Map: Download: Android e iOS

Wifi Magic: Download: Android e iOS

WiFi Finder: Download: Android e iOS