Body editor app- the best apps

It has never been so easy to edit beautiful and natural photos using body editor app. With it, you can make several changes to your body, from slimming your waist and face to removing cellulite and blemishes that bother you, for example.

Of course, some features are free and others are paid, it all depends on the type of change you want to make and how complex it is.

In any case, here is a list of the 7 best body editor app to lose weight in photos.


Body Tune

Considered one of the best body editor app in the category, Body Tune is very simple to use and its main focus is to perform simple body corrections, such as the size of the buttocks and breasts, for example.

With a very friendly and easy-to-use interface, the app allows changes to be made with a few clicks and the result can be saved at the end in your photo gallery.

However, despite being free to use, Body Tune offers purchases, especially for more advanced features, such as the “add six pack abs” tool.

Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus is a photo slimming application through retouching. When uploading an image from your gallery, you have access to the “line” feature and with a few clicks you can model your body according to what you want.

With more than 800 million users, the app brings incredible features, such as:

  • Height adjustment;
  • Slimming of the waist, arms, face, breasts and hips;
  • Smooth your pores and remove blemishes and acne;
  • 200+ amazing filters and effects.

So, in the free version of Beauty Plus you can use some of the functions, but only in the paid version, with a subscription, which makes it possible to explore all the features.

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is an body editor app and its purpose is to make sure your photos are as perfect as possible. For that reason, it offers resources that are aimed at weight loss.

Soon, some of the best known and used by users are: adjustment to the body shape, thinner waist, stretching legs to look taller and much more.

In addition, YouCam Perfect also offers more than 2,000 exclusive filters to please all audiences and tastes. Free to use, it is one of the most complete apps to lose weight in photos.


RetouchMe is the body editor app that was developed just for this purpose. So, it’s not an image editor with filters and color adjustments.

By uploading a photo directly from your camera roll, you can enlarge your breasts, slim your waist, reduce your tummy, correct imperfections in your butt, and even remove wrinkles and cellulite.

Best of all, the result of RetouchMe is very perfect. However, it is fully paid, which turns off some users.


Another body editor app option in the photo is Peachy, rated 4.9 on the App Store, which just shows how well it manages to fulfill its features.

So, with it you can make powerful body edits in a very practical way, since it helps you find your best version. Just test the features!

Among the main functionalities that deserve mention are

  • Add muscles in the abdomen and chest;
  • Reshape the waist, making it thinner;
  • Reduce dark circles and smooth the skin;
  • Remove wrinkles and acnes;
  • Stretch your legs and much more.

Peachy is free to use, although there are limitations. If you want full access, you need to subscribe to this body editor app.


To end our list, let’s talk about Hotune, an excellent application to edit your face and body, allowing you to lose weight in photos.

Soon, with it you can slim your waist, modeling your body, slimming your face, reducing your belly and even reducing the size of your breasts and increasing your buttocks, for example.

With more than 300 effects, you can even make your photos look more professional and perfect for sharing on social networks with your friends.

Moreover, although there are paid features on Hotune, free use is already enough for users.

Download the best body editor app

Choose which slimming photo app best suits your needs and download it. You certainly won’t regret it, as the results of all of them will surprise any user.

Here are the links to the body editor apps:

Body Tune: Download: Android e iOS

Beauty Plus: Download: Android e iOS

YouCam Perfect: Download: Android e iOS

RetouchMe: Download: Android e iOS

Peachy: Download: iOS

Hotune: Download: Android