The most visited countries in the world

Have you ever wondered which are the most visited countries in the world? There are some destinations that are preferred by tourists, it is no wonder that they receive thousands of visitors all year round.

So, if you’re preparing a trip, whether alone, with friends or family, and you don’t really know where to go yet, how about visiting one of these countries?

They are incredible, known for their culture, historical monuments, gastronomy and, of course, their visually beautiful sights.

So come with us to check out the most visited countries in the world right now.

The most visited countries in the world
Canva, 2022


The most visited country in the world is France, which receives more than 89 million tourists every year. Obviously the most visited city is Paris, capital of France.

The movement of visitors is so great that tourism represents almost 10% of the country’s GDP and generates more than 3 million jobs.

So, according to data from the government of France, tourists usually arrive from other countries in Europe, with more than 11 million of them from the United States.

In addition, the most visited tourist attractions in France are the Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral.


Spain is ranked 2nd among the most visited countries in the world and receives around 84 million tourists. Madrid and Barcelona are the preferred destinations for foreigners.

That’s because cities have landscapes that seem to have come out of a romance movie, which generates beautiful photographs.

In addition, Spain ends up becoming an excellent choice for tourists from Europe who are looking for a nearby destination that is warm, with beaches and bustling cities.

So, the most visited tourist spots in the country are:

  • Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Familia;
  • Alhambra;
  • Royal Palace of Madrid.

United States

The United States is always one of the destinations that people usually visit and it is no wonder that the country receives 80 million tourists a year, most of them are Brazilians.

According to data from the country itself, 73,000 Brazilians arrive on American soil per year and the number is growing more and more.

However, unlike the most visited countries in the world that we mentioned earlier, in the USA tourists are usually distributed in several cities. The main ones are:

  • New York;
  • Boston;
  • Chicago;
  • Los Angeles;
  • Las Vegas.


With 66 million tourists a year, China is the 4th most visited country in the world. After all, it is a historic destination that causes a lot of curiosity.

Therefore, among the tourist attractions preferred by travelers is the Great Wall, along with the various Buddhist temples that are found in this Asian country.

In addition, China stands out for combining the traditional with the modern very well.

So, there you will find museums full of artifacts, with a lot of history and culture, while at the same time you will find malls with all kinds of technology possible.


Italy receives 65 million tourists a year and is also one of the most visited countries in the world. The land of pizza and spaghetti usually pleases the most different profiles of tourists.

In addition to the varied landscapes, travelers can visit vineyards, mountains and many other tourist attractions there.

However, in Italy there are those cities that tend to attract more people, such as Rome, Florence and Naples.


Turkey is a destination that many Brazilians don’t even include when it comes to international travel, right?

However, the country is one of the most visited in the world, receiving 51 million tourists a year. The main feature of this destination is the heat of the desert and the ruins.

In addition, the local cuisine is a crucial factor for this country to be so acclaimed, as it is different, but very pleasing for being totally unique.

Finally, in Turkey there are tourist attractions that receive thousands of visits, such as:

  • Santa Sofia;
  • Blue Mosque;
  • Topkapi Palace.


So, to finish our list of the most visited countries in the world, it is also worth mentioning Mexico, which receives 41 million tourists every year.

Thus, next to the United States, Mexico is the most visited country in Latin America and receives tourists from everywhere you can imagine, from North Americans to Argentines and Brazilians.

Therefore, among the most visited cities there are Cancún, Tulum and Acapulco.


Who doesn’t want to know the most visited countries in the world, right? They are diverse destinations that usually attract people throughout the year. So, it’s worth getting to know them!