2022 World Cup – How much does it cost to go?

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will start on November 21, with the opening of the games, and will continue until December 18, that is, it will last for almost a month.

Despite being very close to starting, some fans are questioning how much it costs to go to the World Cup. As you can imagine, the values are not low.

However, to make the costs clearer, below we list some of the main expenses that you will have if you decide to follow the Brazil games directly from the Middle East. Follow!

Canva, 2022

Tickets for the games

Tickets for the 2022 World Cup games were sold to residents and workers in Qatar for US$11. However, this is the cheapest ticket and is exclusive to this group of people only.

Therefore, for the others, the most affordable price is US$ 69 for the initial games, that is, those that are not decisive. For the decisive matches, especially the World Cup final, the ticket costs more than US$ 1,700.

Airline tickets

In normal times, the price of a round-trip air ticket to Qatar is around US$ 700 in economy class. However, during the World Cup the values are higher.

A flight from Guarulhos to the capital of Qatar, with an average duration of 14 hours, is costing more than US$ 2,800 in economy class.

However, if the passenger prefers to travel in first class, the cost of airline tickets is around US$ 30,000.

In addition, it is not possible to use air miles to travel to Qatar during the 2022 World Cup.

Travel insurance

Despite not requiring a visa to enter Qatar, as long as the trip lasts less than 90 days, it is still necessary to have travel insurance, which is mandatory to enter the country.

So, today it is possible to hire a good insurance for US$ 60 dollars. This amount covers medical and hospital expenses of up to US$60,000.


The costs to arrive in Qatar and watch the 2022 World Cup are not yet over. You still need to prepare to disburse the amounts related to hosting.

Despite Qatar being a very small country, there was a whole infrastructure work to receive visitors. Therefore, there you will find different hotels, from the most traditional ones, to camps that the organization itself suggested.

Therefore, speaking of costs, it is possible to stay in Qatar for the World Cup paying around US$ 80 a day. Of course this is the cheapest rate.

That’s because there are more expensive options for those who want to have a first class room, fully equipped with minibar, bed, air conditioning and breakfast.

Furthermore, it is worth remembering again that Qatar is very small. Therefore, you can stay in just one hosting to watch all the games.


Just like accommodation, food expenses vary greatly, as it all depends on where you are going to eat. There are options of dishes for US$ 10 dollars, for example.

If you are the type that likes to consume alcoholic beverages, for example, it is worth mentioning that alcohol consumption is prohibited in the country, as Qatar is Muslim.

However, some hotels are authorized to sell within their accommodation. However, the value is quite expensive. Just to give you an idea, 550 ml of alcoholic drink costs around US$ 11.


If you want to get around Qatar using public transport, the good news is that the country has released the subway free of charge for those who purchased tickets for the World Cup 2022.

However, if you prefer to get around by car, the rental is US$77, not including gasoline, which costs US$0.55 a liter. Taxi transport is around US$ 2.80 plus US$ 0.55 per km traveled.

So how much does it cost to go to the 2022 World Cup??

Adding up everything mentioned above, to go to Qatar today for the 2022 World Cup, it is necessary to spend more than US$ 68 thousand. That’s because the values vary a lot.

Depending on how long you stay in the country, the costs are even higher. Therefore, those who decided to follow the World Cup live had to organize themselves financially.


As you can see, fans interested in going to Qatar will need to pay a high price to watch Brazil’s games live. Therefore, fulfilling the dream of watching the national team play live is not for everyone.