Amigurumi- Make it and Sell it!

You’ve probably already heard about these little animals made of crochet or knitting that are super popular in the handicraft market called “amigurumi”, especially in the decoration of children’s rooms.

Amigurumi is a Japanese technique that was developed to create small dolls made of crochet or knitting. Its origin comes from the Japanese word “ami” which means mesh and “nuigurumi” which means stuffed doll.

And today this article will give you tips on how to make money selling these adorable little things called amigurumi, which conquered the world and became the desire of many children and adults.

Amigurumi– faça-e-venda

Materials needed to get started

The materials needed to start are simple, since the production cost is very low, you will basically need the following materials:


It is important that you know which threads to use, if you are starting, choose the thicker threads as they make crochet or knitting easier and the best ones are 100% cotton.


You need needles that are comfortable to handle, you can find the right needles in the thread package itself, which contains the indication of the ideal needle for the job.


For stuffing, choose good quality materials that are light and fluffy, such as:

  • Silicone fiber;
  • Dry fiber;

You will also need:

  • Half black pearl (to make the eyes);
  • Safety pin, beads, scraps of felt;
  • Support material (scissors, measuring tape and glue).

Start making Amigurumi

Because amigurumis have become a worldwide fever in crafts and decoration, some data involving the technique are not well known by people, but can be easily found on the internet, one of them are the amigurumi recipes that already exist and help interested in making their own models.

You can find many free recipes as video tutorials on Youtube, just type “how to make an “amigurumi” or “easy amigurumi for beginners” and you’ll find great explanatory videos.

You can also purchase a paid course as there are great ones on the market.

How to sell amigurumi

Before thinking about selling, set the appropriate selling price for your amigurumi, you need to analyze the market price and the value of your total expenses and costs.

The value of your product needs to be in accordance with the cost of raw materials, plus the variable and fixed expenses to make a sale.

You can start selling to family, friends and you can also sell at handicraft fairs in your city.

With the ease of the internet, you can create a page and sell the amigurumi through social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and also on sites such as Elo 7, Mercado Livre and Ateliweb.

Best selling products

Yes, there is a ranking of the best selling amigurumi pieces and among them are:

  1. Children’s decoration – pieces used in the decoration of a baby’s room, such as:
  • Baby nannies;
  • pets;
  • door ornaments;
  • Clouds;
  • Crib mobile;
  • Souvenirs and much more.

2. Children’s amigurumi characters:

  • Puff bear;
  • Mickey;
  • Hello Kitty;
  • Heroes and more.

These amigurumis are great gifts for children.

There is a curiosity about amigurumis, according to the legend that giving someone an amigurumi brings luck and prosperity to those who receive it, because everything that is produced with the hands carries a very special energy.

3. Amigurumi animals:

  • Bear;
  • Dog;
  • Giraffe;
  • Turtle;
  • Elephant and much more.

These little animals look so cute when placed on keychains.


To make an amigurumi, you will need to know some crochet or knitting techniques, but calm down at first it may seem complicated, but with dedication and practice you will learn quickly and have an incredible result.

Making amigurumi can become an excellent business since its production cost is very low, as you will basically need thread, needle and stuffing.

People are looking for these little animals a lot and the income you can achieve in each product can reach up to 300% profit.

In fact, there is a world of ideas on how to make an amigurumi, you just need to let your creativity flow.

So, hands on or better hand on the needle and let’s do beautiful work and earn good money with it.