Best Meditation Apps

Meditation is very important for everyone especially nowadays with so much rush and stress. That’s why meditation apps are important, in addition to helping you relax, it also helps with your mental health, no matter your age or anything like that.

If you don’t know how or where to start meditating, don’t worry because these meditation apps will help you with all that and much more.

So let’s talk about these best apps to meditate, how to download them, how they work and if they are reliable. I’m sure they will help you a lot in your everyday life. Follow along, all app links will be at the end of the page!



Starting our list of the best apps to meditate with Calm which is used by over 100 million people. In addition to having already won several awards, it is also highly recommended by experts in the field of psychology.

The objective of the Calm app is to focus on the sleep part with various stories that help you sleep and your mental health, working with your blues, inattention and much more.

The Calm app has several advantages such as:

  • Music to relax, sleep and help with your focus;
  • Audio classes made by professionals in the field;
  • Video lessons with various meditation positions;
  • Scenes and sounds of nature that help you relax, sleep, study and work.

It is available for both iOS and Android, with the option to set the language to Portuguese. Remembering that the app is paid, but you get a free 7-day plan.


The Sattva app is certainly one of the most famous in this area of meditation.

Sattva focuses a lot on the exercise part, with various types of tools and graphics that help you a lot to understand and improve your performance. In addition, the app has recorded classes and even a community where you can enter and chat with other people who are part of the meditation.

Other advantages that the app offers are different songs and meditation positions that help with the relaxation part, especially for you who are just starting out.

The application is free, but it has some disadvantages, for example, most of the classes and recorded audios are in English and many of these advantages mentioned above are not free.

Available for both iOS and Android.

5 Minutes

When we talk about apps to meditate, the 5 minutes app is one of the simplest, but an excellent choice, in addition to being completely free.

If you already do meditation, but you’re not very good at organizing your time, this app is for you. Since you don’t have much experience, don’t worry, because the app has instructions and much more to help you.

The 5 minutes app is designed to remind users when it’s the right time in their day to take time out for meditation. In addition, the app helps with the activity part, with audio from an instructor or calm music that helps you focus on the exercise.

Compatible for both iOS and Android.


Unlike the other meditation apps mentioned above, Lojong is 100% in Portuguese. Also, the app gets a paid version, but at the same time the free version is quite complete.

The purpose of the Lojong app is to help as many people as possible who want to deal with anxiety better and also people who have trouble sleeping.

The Lojong application has several benefits such as:

  • Training on how to start meditating;
  • Timer option for your meditation;
  • Access to quotes from professionals and articles on the subject;
  • Alarms during the day to do meditation;
  • Aggregations with Google fit;
  • Statistics of your development in meditation.

Available for Google play and App store.

Insight Timer

The Insight Timer application is like the application mentioned above, there is a paid version, but at the same time the free version is very good and complete for both beginners and experts.

One of the app’s goals is to create the consumer experience as a social network where you can take classes and share your meditations with anyone in the world. Also, the app gets a pretty big list of various types and styles of meditation.

The advantages of Insight Timer are the number of teachers available in Brazil and the world, in addition to obtaining a diverse list of songs, several courses, the option of Yoga and much more.

The app has a language option in Portuguese, and is available for both iOS and Android.

Apps to Meditate

Meditation is very important for everyone, bringing many benefits in many areas, especially nowadays with the rush and daily stress.

So, it’s very important to take time out of your day to meditate, and if you don’t know where to start or have a problem with organizing time in your day, the apps will help you a lot.

With that, choose the best app for you and start to feel the difference in your mental, physical and emotional health.

Here are the app links: